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Syllabus & Welcome

πŸ“ƒ Course Introduction - RBL1 Investor Training Program
πŸ“ƒ Course Syllabus - RBL1 Investor Training Program

VC Basics 1: Investing 101

1. Introduction to Investing + What is a Start-up?
2. Where do startups get funding + Friends & Family
3. Accelerators + Incubators
4. Angel Investors
5. Crowdfunding
6. Venture Capital
7. Additional Investors
πŸ“ƒ Startup Snapshot

VC Basics 1: Evaluating Startups

1. Introduction
2. Prototypes
3. Product Testing
4. User & Customer Interviews
5. Influencer & Subject Matter Experts
6. Investment Evaluation Guide
7. Startup Snapshot
8. Startup CRMs & Data Tracking
9. Partners Meeting
10. Competitive Analysis
11. Financial Analysis
12. Waterfall Analysis
13. Term Sheet
14. Additional Analyses
15. Investment Committee Memo | Deck
πŸ“ƒ Investor Evaluation Guide

VC Basics 1: Startup Engagement & Investor Questions

1. Introduction
2. Meeting Preparation
3. Founder Resources + During the Meeting
4. Investor Questions 1-7
5.Investor Questions 8-15
6.Investor Questions 16-24
7. Investor Questions 25-32
8. Investor Questions 33-44
9. Investor Questions 45-48 + Snapshot Review
10. Post Meeting
πŸ“ƒ Startup Engagement & Investor Questions

VC Basics 1: The Startup Pitch (Deck)

1. Introduction
2. Presenter's Background
3. Cover, Problem, Business Model
4. Market, Go to Market
5. Competition, Finances
6. Impact
7. Traction, Team, Next Steps
8. Story Arch + Closing
πŸ“ƒ The Startup Pitch

VC Basics 2: Venture Selection Process

1. Venture Selection Process Overview
2. Sourcing
3. Deal Screen
4. Deal Screen + Initial Startup Meetings
5. Deal Screen + Investor Guide
6. Partners Review + Startup Snapshot
7. Due Diligence
8. Investment Committee + Deploying Capital
πŸ“ƒ Venture Selection Process

VC Basics 2: Deal Screen

1. Introduction
2. Fit
3. Using the Product
4. Prototypes
5. Demos
6. Financial Short Cuts
7. Thresholds
8. Competitive Analysis
9. Interviews, Guide, Snapshot
10. Deal Comparison
πŸ“ƒ Deal Screen

VC Intermediate: Partners Meeting

1. Introduction
2. Activities
3. Roles
4. Preparation
πŸ“ƒ Partners Meeting Memo

Advanced: Investment Committee

1. Introduction
2. Venture Selection Process
3. IC Document Overview
4. Part 1 - Summary, Problem, Business Model
5. Part 2 - Market, Competition, Financials
6. Part 3 - Traction, Go to market, Pipeline
7. Part 4 - Impact
8. Part 5 - Next Steps & Follow-up
πŸ“ƒ Investment Committee Memo

Financial Modeling Basics 1

1. Introduction
2. Pitch Deck Finances + Model Overview
3. Financial Modeling - Revenue
4. Financial Modeling - Expenses
5. Financial Modeling - Expenses Continued
6. Financial Modeling - Review
πŸ“ƒ Financial Modeling Documentation
πŸ“ƒ Rebel One - Financial Model Template

Financial Modeling 2: Capitalization 'Cap' Table

1. Introduction
2. What is a 'Cap' table?
3. Venture Selection Process
4. Cap Table Exercise (Part 1)
5. Cap Table Exercise (Part 2)
6. Discussion Points - The Founder Pie (Part 1)
7. Discussion Points - Additional Points (Part 2)
πŸ“ƒ Capitalization Tables (aka 'Cap' Tables)
πŸ“ƒ RBL1 - Financial Model - See 'Cap Table' for exercise

Financial Modeling 2: Valuations

1. Introduction
2. Venture Selection Process & Financials
3. Comparables
4. Discounted Cashflow
5. Berkus Method (or Similar)
6. Market
7. Sources of Capital
8. Additional Considerations
πŸ“ƒ Valuation Documentation

Career & Recruiting: Deal Flow

1. Introduction
2. Outbound Marketing to Startups
3. Inbound Marketing to Startups
4. Outreach + Partner's Meeting Prep
5. Post Meeting Follow-up
πŸ“ƒ Deal Flow

Career & Recruiting: Breaking Into VC

1. Introduction
2. The Market + Setting the Stage
3. Context
4. Resume & Preparation
5. Personal Branding
6. Networking
7. New Tactics
πŸ“ƒ Breaking Into VC

Bonus: Industry | Market Research

1. Introduction
2. Keyword List + Secondary Research
3. Primary Research
4. Research Process
5. Synthesis & Closing
πŸ“ƒ Industry | Market Research

Bonus: Investment Thesis

1. Introduction
2. Define - Brief, Key Word Search, Types of Analyses
3. Secondary Research
4. Primary Research
5. Analysis - Table
6. Analysis - Bar Chart
7. Analysis - Line Graph + Market Map
8. Heat Map + Bubble Chart
9. Scatter Plot + 2x2
10. Combinations + Custom Charts
11. Analyze + Refine
12. Publishing + Next Steps
πŸ“ƒ Investment Thesis

Bonus: Market Segmentation

1. Market Sizing Introduction
2. Market Sizing Slide
3. Identifying Initial Market Segments
4. Detailing Market Segments
5. Market Segmentation Analysis Example
6. Sizing the Market
7. Market Sizing Formula
8. Market Sizing Example
9. Calculating your SAM and TAM

Bonus: Founders Corner - Lean Startup

1. Lean Startup Introduction
2. Where are you in the process?
3. Secondary Research
4. Primary Research
6. BUILD Mockups
7. Combination of Mock-ups
8. Developing Assumptions
9. Testing
10. Types of Tests (Part 1)
11. Types of tests (Part 2)
12. Types of Tests (Part 3)
13. Sprint Tracker
14. Sequence of Testing
15. Lean Startup Example


Live & Online Sessions Customized To Build A Fund.
Annual access to deals, VC/CEO networking, training, insight from Silicon Valley, and beyond.

Fund Formation & Fund Strategy

1. Thesis Development
2. Metrics
3. Fund Size
4. Terms
5. Competitive Advantage
6. Sourcing
7. Portfolio Support

Fund Team Building & Goal Setting

1. Recruiting
2. Talent
3. Fund Legacy

Fund Financial Modeling

1. Returns
2. Cash Management
3. ROI
5. TVPI Realized/Unrealized
6. Recycling

Limited Partner Fundraising

1. Targeting LPs
2. LP Outreach
3. Process Management
4. Limited Partner Advisory Council (LPAC)

LP Pitch Deck Development

1. Introduction
2. Outline, Summary, Partners
3. Team
4. Portfolio
5. Process
6. Terms
7. Appendix
πŸ“ƒ LP Deck Template

Bonus: Deal Flow Management

1. Fund Operations
2. Legal
3. Compliance
4. Reporting
5. Automation/System Development

Bonus: Intellectual Property In Venture

*IP Presentation, Denise McKenzie, NSF


Rebel One is a life-long, invite-only community with a 5-week immersive onboarding to help you build lasting relationships from Day 1.

Asynchronous Online Training

Access a curriculum of 200+ videos based on a decade’s worth of research on startups and venture studios covering everything from sourcing to fund strategy

VC & Startup Resource Library

Unlock over 500+ startup pitch decks, investment committee memos, financial models, and investment thesis examples from our private library.

Live Deal Review & Networking

Review live deals with a global network of current and aspiring investors, and consider personal investment opportunities.

Venture & Angel Masterclasses

Join live discussion events and training on topics including due diligence, thesis development, career recruiting, negotiating term sheets, and more.

Launch a Fund or Syndicate

Emerging Managers cover topics including Fund Formation, Fund Modeling, Thesis Development, LP Pitch Deck Creation, Deal Flow Management, LP Fundraising Strategy, and more


VC Fellowship
Introduction to Venture Capital
5-Week Self-paced Basic Investor Training
Investment Thesis Exercise
Financial Modeling Intro
Due Diligence Basics
Deal Sourcing Intro
Network with 100+ Fellows
VC Membership
(billed annually + $1,000 VC Training Program)
Online VC Training Course
Weekly partners meetings (deal review)
Career Recruiting
VC/CEO monthly fireside chats
Profile on RBL1's Investor-Founder Match Tool
Share deal flow and network with over 500+ investors
VC Intensive - Emerging Managers
(annual membership included)
Online VC Training Course
Live Fund Management Training
Private 1-1 sessions w/ RBL1 Team
Fund Formation
Fund Modeling
LP Pitch Deck Creation
Deal Flow Management
LP Fundraising Strategy
Early access to RBL1 Deals
Private Fund Managers Chat
Private Fund Managers Events

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