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Syllabus & Welcome

📃 Course Introduction - RBL1 Founder Training Program
📃 Course Syllabus - RBL1 Founder Training Program

Getting Started

Getting Started
1. Rebel One's Focus
2. Activity: Your Business Knowledge
3. Your Are An Athlete
4. Activity: Personal S.W.O.T.
5. Do you have an Idea, a Technology, or a Passion?
6. Activity: Idea, Technology, Passion
7. The Obsession
8. Types of Capital
9. Capital
10. Activity: My Capital
11. Business Capital Needs
12. Activity: Business Capital Needs
Bonus: Founder Motivation + Blockers
📃 Getting Started: Worksheets
📝 Capital: Quiz

The Startup Pitch (Deck)

The Startup Pitch
1. Introduction
2. Presenter's Background
3. Cover, Problem, Business Model
4. Market, Go to Market
5. Competition, Finances
6. Impact
7. Traction, Team, Next Steps
8. Story Arch + Closing

Sources of Capital

Investing 101
1. Introduction to Investing + What is a Start-up?
2. Where do startups get funding + Friends & Family
3. Activity: Friends & family
4. Accelerators + Incubators
5. Activity: Accelerators + Incubators
6. Angel Investors
7. Activity: Angels
8. Crowdfunding
9. Activity: Crowdfunding
10. Venture Capital
11. Activity: Venture Capital
12. Additional Investors
13. Activity: Additional Investors
📃 Startup Snapshot + Investor Evaluation Guide

Defining the Problem

Defining The Problem
1. Cover + Problem Slides
2. Activity: Sketch Cover + Problem Slide
3. Example Cover & Problem Slide
4. Activity: Re-sketch Cover + Problem Slide
5. Defining the Problem Examples
6. Activity: Defining the Problem Warm-up
7. Defining the Need vs. the Problem
8. Activity: Defining your Need, Pain, and Problem
9. Market Segments
10. Activity: Define Your Market Segments
11. Sizing Your Market
12. Activity: Sizing Your Market
13. Pivot
14. Updating the Need and Problem
15. Activity: Quantify the Problem
16. Updating Pitch Deck Slides
17. Activity: Redo Your Slides
Bonus: Investor Perspective - Jewelry, Aspirin, or Oxygen

Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation
1. Marketing Segments Introduction
2. Investor Pitch Deck Marketing Slide
3. Activity: Define Your Primary Market Segment
4. Initial Market Segment Identification & Ranking
5. Activity: Identifying Additional Market Segments
6. Detailing Market Segments Example
7. Market Segment Analysis Example
8. Activity: Detailing & Prioritizing Your Market Segments
9. Market Quantification Example
10. Activity: Quantifying Your Market Segments
11. Market Sizing Equation
12. Market Sizing Example
13. Activity: Calculate Your Total Addressable Market
14. Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM) and Beachhead (BH) Framing Examples
15. Activity: Define You SAM, BH, and Marketing Slide

Lean Startup

Lean Startup
1. Lean Startup Introduction
2. Where are you in the process?
3. LEARN - Secondary Research
4. LEARN - Primary Research
5. Activity: LEARN Phase
6. BUILD - Introduction + Mockups
7. BUILD - Mock-ups
8. Mock-up Combination
9. Activity: BUILD
10. Developing Assumptions
11. Activity: Document Assumptions
12. Testing Process
13. Types of Prototypes
14. Activity: Measure
15. Types of Tests
16. Types of Tests Part 2
17. Activity: Revisit Measure
18. Sprint Tracker
19. Sequence of Testing
20. Lean Startup Example


1. Introduction
2. Three Types of Pivoting
3. Example of Pivoting

Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling
1. Introduction
2. Pitch Deck Finances + Model Overview
3. Financial Modeling - Revenue
4. Financial Modeling - Expenses
5. Financial Modeling - Expenses Continued
6. Financial Modeling - Review
📃 Rebel One - Financial Model Template


「  Connecting Investors & Founders. 」


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No more than once a week investors will receive an email with their “startup matches” associated with the characteristics they filled out in their profile.


If an investor wants an introduction they click the orange button and hit send. Then the founder and the investor will be introduced via email!


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Investor Matching Profile
Introductions to VC & Angel Investors
Startup Pitch Feedback
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Fireside Chats with VCs & CEOs

Kai Bond
Partner, Courtside Ventures
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Miriam Rivera
Managing Director, Ulu Ventures
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Brandon Farwell
Partner, xfund
Watch Here
Amy Nauiokas
VC, Anthemis Group
Watch Here
Claire Chang
Founding Partner, igniteXL Ventures
Watch Here
Jeffrey Kaditz
CEO, Q Bio
Watch Here
Jewel Burks Solomon
Managing Partner, Collab Capital
Watch Here
Alana Mann
Principal, Cultivation Capital
Watch Here

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