Rebel One Founders

「 Democratizing access to capital. 」

Meet the team behind Rebel One

Meet our founding team Sergio and Taylor


Portrait photo of co-founder Sergio

Sergio, our Founder & CEO, provides executive direction for the business and leads all emerging fund manager programing, VC master classes, and investment decisions.


Portrait photo of co-founder Sergio

Taylor, our Head of Network, takes care of the day to day business operations, ensures investors & founders get connected, and curates the best resources to support the community.

Select Speakers & Guests

Fireside Chats with VCs & CEOs

Kai Bond
Partner, Courtside Ventures
Watch Here
Miriam Rivera
Managing Director, Ulu Ventures
Watch Here
Brandon Farwell
Partner, xfund
Watch Here
Amy Nauiokas
VC, Anthemis Group
Watch Here
Claire Chang
Founding Partner, igniteXL Ventures
Watch Here
Jeffrey Kaditz
CEO, Q Bio
Watch Here
Jewel Burks Solomon
Managing Partner, Collab Capital
Watch Here
Alana Mann
Principal, Cultivation Capital
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